compare two of the adventure texts and discuss a single specific issue that interests you

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In a well-organized, carefully argued, and elegantly written essay, compare two of the adventure texts we’ve read/watched in this course and discuss a single specific issue that interests you intensely.

The purpose for this essay is for you to dive into the process of writing and thinking critically about adventure narrative, to have fun, and to give me a sense of what concerns or excites you in the texts we’ve been reading/viewing. Be inventive in defining the topic of your essay: I’d love to read a paper on changing character roles in Scooby Doo foreshadowing and patterns in The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. You must compare two texts we have looked at so far in the class:


Avoid obvious “classic” topics (like Christian rebirth symbolism in fantasy and science fiction), on which you can figure I’ve read many papers: imaginative, unpredictable topics will make your arguments more focused, more rigorously executed and more exciting to write and read. I expect you to showcase your critical and analytical skills and I want you to write exactly two pages: less is too skimpy to prove a thesis even about the role of rewards in Scooby Doo and more will not demand, as I do, that you attend, with the greatest care to individual words–Skerples’, Lieber’s’, Howard’s, and your own. So pick a specific and fascinating topic that you can analyze with thoroughness, concision and pleasure.

Format Details:

  • Google Doc
  • Two Pages
  • EB Garamond font
  • 12 point font size
  • 1.5 line spacing

Keep in mind that you will be writing about two of the texts assigned in class, rather than doing larger research and looking at previous critical writing. The topic you choose should relate to something you see in these texts that you want to explore by doing a “close reading (Links to an external site.)” of the texts to find examples that support your thesis.

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