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Compensation and Benefits class questions*** Original Answers with
sources sited** Each question must be a minimum of 200 words. Please
number each question when answered with references below each!!!

1. Read the article “Be Healthy and Get Rewarded–Incentives Driving Engagement in Health and Wellness.”
Taking into consideration some of the significant changes to health
insurance policies, please review the article and address the following
two questions. Explain your answers in at least 200 words. 

  • As described in the article, what options do patients with
    preexisting health conditions have in regards to wellness initiative
  • Are the new health plans truly helping consumers to live a
    better and healthier lifestyle or are they actually hindering consumers
    ability to freely pursue getting proper treatment, if needed, due to the
    fear of high deductible costs?

2. Discuss the origins of employer-sponsored retirement plans.  Then,
discuss the 2-3 most prominent trends in retirement plans including its
impact for both the employee and the organization.

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