Complete 2 Business Discussion

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Responses to discussion question topics should be a minimum of 250 words.

A large, Boston-based consulting agency frequently conducts segmentation studies for its clients. The following are segmentation data to assist their advice to two different clients. Each is a Venn diagram describing some demographic and psychographic findings. Figure A depicts the proportion of a recent sample of shoppers at a national grocer who indicated interest in a new gourmet Lean Cuisine product. Figure B depicts the proportion of owners of a game console (obtained from registration cards of the base system) who indicated interest in a new game.

  1. Please review the segmentation data in the week three folder. If you worked at this consulting agency, which segments would you suggest each client target, and why?
  2. If you were to create a perceptual map for the product category of watches, what attributes should you include to illustrate both the similarities and differences among the brands?
  3. Find a company that is struggling. Where is it in the positioning matrix? Could the company be more successful if it changed any of its Ps (e.g., to head to the low/ low/ low/ low or high/ high/ high/ high cells)?
  4. Write a position statement for yourself to convince your favorite company to hire you.

Please include at least two academic sources for your research beyond the textbook. Cite and source in APA format.


1. Why is internal alignment an important policy in a strategic perspective of compensation?

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