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1. ( Read Ch. 6 of Medical Law and Ethics (5th ed.). and answer question below between 100-150 words)

  • What are managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues, such as patient confidentiality (HIPAA)?

2. Read Ch. 6 of Medical Law and Ethics (5th ed.). (& write your thoughts on chaper between 100-150 words)

3.(Rsspond back to post between 110-150 words) On page 151 of this chapter, a case is discussed and I would like to add my comments. I will paste it here so others can reply –

In the case of Landau v. Medical Board of California, Dr. Landau appealed a lower court’s decision to remove her medical license. The lower court found her guilty of allowing her medical assistant to evaluate and remove lesions for biopsy from patients. Dr. Landau was found guilty of gross negligence by allowing an untrained and unlicensed medical assistant to remove tissue, such as moles, from patients for biopsy purposes. The court stated that Dr. Landau’s failure to follow up with two of the patients constituted an extreme departure from standard of care and had serious consequences–one of the patients died. Dr. Landau’s license to practice medicine was revoked. The medical assistant was not charged (Landau v. Medical Board of California, 71 Cal. Rptr. 2d 54, Cal. App. 1998).

I cannot believe such an incident would occur and cause death, that is very sad because it could have been preformed. I feel like many health providers try to act and perform procedures that are out of their scope. Many offices are busy but that is not an excuse to cause harm to someone. I agree with the decision to revoke Dr. Landau’s license. The doctor went to school for so many years and got all that training and in the end, lost it because of negligence. Providers need to be more proactive and act in legal ways. I feel bad for the family that lost a person just because of someone’s carelessness. If I was the nurse, I would have told the doctor I do not feel okay performing things out of my scope and pay range.

4 (read and respond back to post) between 100-150 words) .Billing and coding has been my specialty for many years and I am always something new. I have never experienced billing fraud but I can imagine how easy it is for a medical coder/biller to ” up-code ” and maximum their profit. There is a big downfall – audits ! Insurance companies do audit their records and can ask for medical records. There are people at insurance companies that have jobs to review files and recoup money. I work at a great center and my personal work ethic matches the ethics/mission statement of the center. My manager would never influence the billers to up-code or record false information.

What are your thoughts about billing fraud, have you witnessed such acts?

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