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Consideration is one mechanism by which the legal system determines what contracts the courts will enforce.

  • Do you think the legal system should enforce more promises?
  • Why or why not?


Revision and Proofreading

Take a paragraph or more from one of your previous assignments and revise it. Copy the original passage into your post and then write a new passage in which you modify for style, diction, order, and logic. In your responses, comment on the effectiveness of the revised passages (Are they more logical and clearer? Do they flow better?) and/or suggest alternate ways to revise each passage.


The use of plastic bags and bottles has a negative impact on the environment. Polythene does not decay as opposed to bags made from other material. Most of the plastic papers and bottles after use are discarded into the environment which results in blocked sewers and burning them results in pollution. The advantages of banning the use of plastic bags and bottles are superior to the disadvantages and it should therefore be implemented. In place of the polythene bags there are several alternatives that can be used such as bags made from sisal, wool and sacks. The bottles should be replaced with those made of material that can be recycled and glass. The effect of such bags on the environment include damages on rivers and other water sources where they are deposited and are harmful if consumed by domestic animals such as cattle. The manufacturers of such polythene bags are bound to oppose the ban since it will affect their businesses and revenue generation. However, they should be advised to join the fight against environmental degradation by investing in the manufacture of environmental friendly bags for them to remain relevant in the business industry.

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