complete final draft from rough draft. see attached.

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add these 3 things to rough draft that is attached and made into final draft. patient profile need made up on a jane doe

1. You need to submit a document containing everything you had
this week, in addition to a patient profile, questionnaire, completed food log,
and resources/referrals for the patient.

The patient profile should contain a brief description of the patient that would usually be obtained from an initial patient interview (fake interview with your Joe/Jane Doe Patient) and include the following information:

  1. Demographic information – area of residence, type of neighborhood, rural vs. urban, etc. (environment)
  2. Level of physical activity overview
  3. Dietary overview
  4. Lifestyle overview
  5. Social activity overview
  6. Mental Health status overview (subjective)
  7. Current patient overall health – how are they feeling? (subjective information)
  8. Pain scale level (subjective – scale 1-10, with 1 being no pain and 10 being severe pain)
  9. Quality of life score (subjective – scale 1-10, 1 being no care to live and 10 being blissfully content)
  10. A written summary of your patient’s current health status along with the information above, also indicate any red flags, or situations that may be contributing to the patient’s health status.

2. Your patient profile needs to be clearly organized and needs
to contain all of the required components listed in part 1 of the module 02
course project.

3. Your health questionnaire needs to reflect all of the changes
I recommended when I gave you feedback from module 03.

, this is a good start. I have the following suggestions:

For health history, instead of just asking “what is your health history,” provide a checklist of common health conditions that the patient could choose from to help jog their memory.

Same thing for family health.

I don’t think I understand number 5. How can you tell by looking at someone if they have a high risk of contracting a terminal disease? When the assignment asks for observation assessments, that means you observing them – how does their skin look? Is there swelling, bruising anywhere? Do they appear to generally be in good health? Etc. Auditory assessment also should be your auditory assessment of them, not a test of their hearing. Please re-do this section.

For number 6, HBP stands for high blood pressure. So to say “normal HBP” and “low HBP” doesn’t make sense.

I took some points off for the errors in number 5 and 6

questionnaire attached needs these changes listed above all needs incorporated in the rough draft attached.any questions please ask

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