Conflict and communication

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Case Study

This assignment has two parts:

For this assignment, you will select one of the following three Factual Case Scenarios:

The Dempseys  

Angry Customers  

The Larsons  


Write an analysis of the emotional issues the scenario presents.  Define and discuss framing in the context of the scenario.  What strategy would you employ or suggest be used in this situation?  What role could an apology play?

Your paper should be 1-2 pages and should include relevant, supporting examples, and appropriate APA format and citations.


For this assignment, you will develop a short 2-4-minute speech in which you will verbally present your ideas detailed in your written paper.  The goal of this assignment is to adapt your topic to the audience (your classmates), use a clear organizational pattern, and present an extemporaneous speech. You may use note cards or a copy of your outline to present your speech (you do not need to submit an outline for scoring).  Please do not attempt to type your speech out word for word.  Using a word for word outline can result in reading directly from your paper and will result in a point deduction. 

Practice this speech before you record. Consider your audience and what we’ll need to know about the story to understand it!  You will want your story to unfold smoothly and draw us (your audience) in. 

A few parameters:

1.  Your speech should be 2-4 mins in length.

2.  Your speech should have a beginning, middle and an end. Introduce us to your situation, elaborate within the body, and conclude your tale

3.  Show enthusiasm and have fun with this assignment!

4.  Be prepared. You may certainly write out your speech, but rehearse it so that you’re not reading your speech. Your eyes will indicate whether you’re talking to us or reading to us.

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