Create a Community Initiative Program that will attempt to reduce and prevent juvenile delinquency

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Recently juvenile delinquency has become a hot topic in
the city of Centervale. Compared to last year, official data indicates
an increase in status offenses, especially truancy and curfew.
Additionally, the Centervale police department reports a consistent
three-year increase in minor arrests for larceny, vandalism, assault,
and unlawful entry. It appears that incidents involving female juveniles
are rapidly increasing while there is a steady increase in male
juvenile related incidents.

Anecdotally, the general sentiment of Centervale
citizens is that children are out of control. The local newspaper
regularly receives letters to the editor complaining about juveniles
loitering, spraying graffiti, and causing general mischief. Although the
city has run a juvenile court, a diversion program, community
corrections, and probation for some time, it has never undertaken a
program that specifically targets juvenile delinquency prevention.

Feeling pressure from local civic organizations and
sensing the frustration of the population in general, the mayor has
asked you to devise a realistic and economic program to address
Centervale’s juvenile delinquency problem.

Here’s What You Need to Do . . .

Create a Community Initiative Program that will attempt
to reduce and prevent juvenile delinquency in Centervale. Using APA
in-text citations to cite external sources that link to corresponding
references on a separate page, compose your 5–7 page proposal based on
the following questions:

  • The Mayor has indicated that reducing
    and preventing truancy, larceny or theft, and underage drinking are the
    city’s top priorities.
  • Choose one of these target issues as your program’s focus.
  • Select a target population—individual,
    family, community, or society—and discuss your analysis for determining
    why this issue is a problem, then create an outline with a minimum of
    three specific goals for your program.
  • Building upon a foundation of current
    trends in juvenile justice and research on juvenile delinquency, discuss
    how the goals of your program are consistent with current trends and
    your research findings. Compare similar successful programs and suggest
    ways to improve on an area of limitation.
  • Summarize a theory of juvenile
    delinquency and discuss how it specifically addresses your selected
    target issue. Critically evaluate the theory and provide examples of how
    the theory demonstrates the concepts proposed in your program.
  • Describe the implementation of the program and any anticipated limitations.
  • Briefly describe how the program will be evaluated. Use external
    sources as your guide, explain how the program’s success will be
    measured, and describe new actions that will demonstrate program success
    to the mayor and citizens of Centervale.

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