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Subject: Criminal Law
Pages 1 double MLA style


Paper details:

ntroduction: This week, you have been called to investigate a missing child.
This activity fulfills/supports

Module Outcomes 1-3: You will have generated investigative
plans for robbery, assault, and missing persons cases; identified the
various types of evidence associated with robbery, assault, and missing
persons cases; and explained the function of neighborhood canvasses in
robbery, assault, and missing persons cases.

Course Outcomes 1 and 4-5: You will have identified,
explained, and demonstrated the techniques of the investigative process;
properly searched and documented a crime scene and identified,
protected, collected and accounted for physical evidence.

General Education Competencies 2-3: You will have used
critical thinking to analyze problems and make logical decisions while
also demonstrating socialization skills that support cultural awareness
and a global perspective.



Victim: Kylee Jones, age 10, 123 Anywhere Street,
Fayetteville, NC. She is described as a white female, approximately 65
pounds, 4’ tall, with a pale complexion. She has brown hair, brown eyes
and was last seen wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Her mother, Ms. Jamie Jones, has been interviewed and reported the following:

Kylee was last seen by her sister, Mary (7 years old),
about 3 PM today. Mary told her mom that some old man told Kylee to get
in his car, after she got off the school bus today. Kylee acted
afraid, but got into the car, and the man drove away with Kylee. Ms.
Jones said Mary told her the man drove away on Jefferson Street, in a
northbound direction. The bus stop is located on Jefferson Street,
about one block from their house on Anywhere Street. Ms. Jones does not
know who this man could be and feels Kylee has been abducted.

Police have responded and performed an initial search of the area, but have not located Kylee.

You are charged with leading the investigation. You must
develop a comprehensive investigative plan so the detective division
response is organized and thorough. You may use any format you wish.
Examples could be a numbered list of tasks to complete or a checklist.
The bottom line is that you must articulate on paper how you would
investigate this incident. The assigned module readings will help you
complete this thoroughly.

Resources: These documents might help you developing a
sound plan: missing persons investigations.pdf (this opens in a separate

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