Critical Analysis of the image- Rain, Steam and Speed- The Great Western Railway

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  • In your own words write a critical analysis of the image. Image is attached below.
  • Critical analysis can include:
    • Formal analysis (process, technique, medium and material, composition, color, line, texture, shape, space etc.)
    • Content (meaning, symbolism, metaphor, representation, abstraction etc.)
    • Historical analysis (precedent, derivation, influence etc.)
    • Context (contemporary comparisons, political, social and economic circumstances and influences etc.)
    • Biographical analysis (the life and story of the artist is fair game)
  • You are encouraged to do as much research as you deem necessary to write an informed and critical paper about the image you have selected. Possible sources for your research: Artist interviews, written or video, Artist biographies, Critical writing about the image written by other, Art Historical writing about the image, Contemporary journalism about the image, Art journal publication articles about the image.
  • If you incorporate ideas, conclusions, analysis, quotations or facts you found from other sources, you cite these per the MLA guidelines for in-line citation. Include a works-cited page.
  • However, the emphasis for this paper should be on your own thoughts and ideas concerning the image. It is your own critical analysis that should dominate your thesis.
  • Paper #1 will be graded on completion, understanding of content, clarity of ideas and thesis, and grammar.
  • Paper #1 should be 4 single-sided pages, standard MLA format and margins, double spaced, 12-point font.
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