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I need 2 or 3 paragraphs on the below topic and replies to two peer posts. Replies to peers should be directed at the peer.

Referring to the persuasive advertising strategies and the logical fallacies listed in this week’s module content, do the following:

  • Include a link to an advertisement related to your area of academic or professional interest that you have observed recently.
  • Discuss how several of the persuasive techniques and fallacies apply to the ad.

Remember to compose a substantive initial post and two responses.

Peer Post 1:

The best commercial sports guy recently has been Peyton Manning in my opinion.  He has retired from the NFL and now he is in at least six companies ad’s.  i feel like he does a good job devoloping the brands.  The ads that really stand out are the Nation Wide Insurance company ads.  The singing of “Nationwide is on you side.” The commercials keep getting better and better and now the gem is stuck in our heads, and I have a feeling most of us dont even know what Nation Wide really sells.

The Persuasive tactics are:

Celbrity Endorsement:  Easiest to explain because they use Peyton Manning. 

Slogan: The Singing of “Nationwide is on your side.”  This even goes as far to say ” Chicken Parm you taste so good.” in the hym of the slogan gets stuck in the audiences head.

Humor:  Now that the slogan has taken off, Nationwide uses Peyton Mannings natural humor and makes the people laugh with how everythign is in the hym.

This is a very good company use of advertising because I now know who Nationwide is.  I am not sure I knew who they were before Peyton was around.


Peer Post 2:

Apple music and beats audio recently released an advertisement featuring Taylor Swift using their smartphone based products and services to listen to music while running on a treadmill. I can spot at least three of the persuasive techniques listed in our interactive lecture within this commercial. To begin with, Taylor Swift being a celebrity is clearly the celebrity endorsement technique. The use of celebrity is effective here, especially since Swift is a music industry celebrity and the product in the commercial is music related. Another persuasive technique used is humor; Swift is so distracted by the music she falls on the treadmill. And finally the third technique I noticed was the use of the slogan, “Distractingly good.” 

Also, there seems to be a logical fallacy inherent in the narrative. The implication is that Swift falls while running as a result of being distracted by the quality of the music she is listening to. However that is not necessarily true. She may just be clumsy and would have fallen otherwise. The fact that she was listening to music may have been entirely coincidental. The logical fallacy in use when one assumes that since A happened then B happened, A must have caused B is post hoc ergo propter hoc. The fact that two events occurred in chronological order is not proof that the first event caused the second.

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