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Watch the first segment of https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/_video.true/civillit4e_confidentiality_issue_public_information

and then answer the following:

  • – Alicia is simply reading to Judy from the newspaper.  Is Alicia violating any duties here if she doesn’t work on the apple fritter case?
  • – How about Judy?
  • – Does it matter that they are in a public place?
  • – Does your answer change for either Alicia or Judy if they were in the lunchroom inside the law office?
  • – Before you watch the rest of the video, brainstorm a good response for Judy.  What should she have said to Alicia?
  • – After you watch the reset of the video, compare your solution with Judy’s.

Video Case Study #2 Questions:

Watch https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/paralegal-goldman6e_0135724546-Confidentiality_Issue_Need_to_Know_Circle

up to the first narrator break and then answer the following:

  • – Presuming Lisa works for the same law firm, but does not work on the apple fritter case, is Judy’s conversation with Lisa a break of her duty of confidentiality?
  • – Watch the second half of the clip and answer the same question as above.
  • – Does is make any difference that Judy did not mention the client’s name?  Why or why not?

Video Case Study #4 Questions:

Watch the first segment of https://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/streaming/careers/2013/mylegalstudieslab/Civil_Litigation/CL13_Confidentiality_Issue_Attorney_Client_Privilege.html where Alicia meets with Mr. Hutchinson, and then answer the following:

  • – Does Alicia have an ethical problem based on what Mr. Hutchinson said during this meeting?

Now watch the rest of the video and then answer the following:

  • – Presuming that Mr. Hutchinson has admitted to committing fraud, is Alicia correct about the attorney-client privilege protecting her?
  • – Does she become an accomplice when she obtains knowledge of a past crime?
  • – Is a past crime confidential in Virginia?
  • – Presuming that the information makes an interrogatory answer incorrect, what should she doe with this damaging information now?

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