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The Capstone Project requires you to take a deep dive into a security incident. You are providing an overview and in-depth analysis of the event.

I have assigned each student a security incident as well as a single link about the incident to gain research momentum

  • mine – MyHeritage ->…
  • Students will review the incident from the lens of a CISO before, during, and after the breach to determine the impact of the event. Each breach will require an analysis of the security models, methodologies, policies, standards, procedures, and technologies in place before and after the incident. The organization should be critiqued for their management of the incident including the disclosure of the breach, follow-up with affected stakeholders, and both the short and long-term impacts of the breach from a company, industry, and national perspective. When possible, students should identify the attackers and the attack vectors used to compromise the system(s). Furthermore, students should provide guidance and strategies for companies to prevent and mitigate similar attacks.

The grading rubric and additional details are attached.

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