cyber security

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Students will be required to submit a current event paper during week three. Students will conduct Internet research to identify a current event pertinent to cybersecurity (preferably something relevant to this class’ topics). Current event topics should not be older than six (6) weeks from the date of submission. After identifying a current event, students will write up a detailed synopsis of the current event and provide their opinion on the important business implications (or the “So what? Who cares?”).

The following requirements are applicable:

  • Your paper must have the following clearly identified sections:
    • Part 1: Synopsis Students must provide a detailed synopsis that summarizes the current event, including identifying key issues or concerns. Page length: At least 1 page.
    • Part 2: Business Implications Students must provide a comprehensive opinion on the business implications of this current event. For example, what should a company start doing? Stop doing? What is the “so what, who cares?” response to the current event? Page length: At least 3 pages.
    • References

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