Deviance ( it is a discussion)

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a.) What is Deviance? Why is it that what one might consider deviant, someone else doesn’t?

b.) Discuss your outlook on deviance. What is your idea of RANGE OF TOLERANCE (refer to figure 7.1 in the Chapter 7 power points)


“0” represents UNDERCONFORMITY (ex. murder, rapist)

“10” represents OVERCONFORMITY (ex. straight “A” student who always comes to class 1 hour early, and studies all hours of the night)

“5” & “6” represents CONFORMING to social expectations in today’s society.

c.) Provide an example of deviance and conformity for EACH number represented on the scale.

d.) Go to and find 2 clips from the show TABOO LOCKED UP ABROAD. Write about the clip you watched anddiscuss where on YOUR Range of Tolerance this behavior would fall.

Chapter 7 pp attached.
One page onl

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