Discuss your goals, why they make you happy, discussion help

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For the first part of this discussion, watch the video linked below. 


A core concept of this class is that being successful is not necessarily the most important aspect of life. There must be a balance between your personal concept of success (meeting goals), maintaining health, and ensuring that the direction you’re moving in makes you happy. Slomo admits that he had met and even exceeded his personal goals, but was not happy with who he had become (of course, he had reached a point in life where his success allowed him to make such a drastic change).

At all stages in life, it’s important to think about what your goals are (remember, they could change as you grow), and whether your current direction will lead you to these goals. Do these goals make you happy? Also, how have your past experiences altered your current self? Slomo talks a lot about who he was, and how that has led to who he is. Think about your past, and how that shaped who you are.

-Discuss your goals, why they make you happy, what influence your past has had on these goals, and anything else you think is pertinent to the concept above.

-Please write something normal and short not more than a paragraph and try to talk about your goals but make them something normal like everyone else goals.I’ll tell you a little bit about myself so it will help you little.

 -My name is Anas Alwah and I’m 23 years old and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I study aboard in the USA since 2010 majoring in Business administration and I will graduate in 2017 and I will move back to my country and I will go and find a job and make a business there and my dream is to become a millionaire.  so I need you to write something easy just goals in life. get married, have a children ,buy a house .


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