Discussion: Merchandising Operations and Inventory

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Using the Annual Report of your selected company answer the following questions in the Discussion:

  • What is the value of the company’s inventory at year end?
  • What was the amount of cost of goods sold for the year?
  • What income statement format does the company use? Explain.
  • Compute the company’s gross profit percentage for the year end.
  • Did the gross profit percentage improve, worsen, or hold steady?
  • How does the company’s gross profit percentage compare to the industry?
  • What are the company’s inventory turnover and days sales in inventory for the year end? Is there anything interesting to note about these ratios?

If your company is a service company, please find a different company that would have inventory, perhaps a supplier to your selected company. Then answer the questions shown above. Be sure to state what company and supply a link to the information. You may use a service such as Yahoo Finance to help research industry averages. The notes to the financial statements will also be of use in answering the discussion questions. For many of the ratios in the discussion, you will need 2-3 years’ worth of financial data.

Please use Walmart thank you !!!!!!!


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