Discussion 6 Jazz

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Create a fake or false social media profile of a jazz musician from an era we have studied in class. Wes Montgomery or Clifford brown

This may be a pretend/fan account that you create ON a social media platform OR a graphic/visual representation of an account. There are sites online that will allow you to create a dummy account for school assignments that you may find helpful: (https://www.classtools.net/FB/home-page https://goo.gl/qQdNos http://simitator.com/generator/twitter/tweet)

For those of you who are graphically inclined, a visual representation may work best.

You should write in the “style” of the jazz musician, including helpful biographical data, and consider listing “friends” or “followers”. This is an opportunity for you to have a little fun and be creative!

Please upload screenshots of your account or visual to Blackboard in PDF or JPG format.

For your response – please choose one of your classmate’s social media accounts and respond…in the “voice” of your chosen jazz musician. This can be a simple reply on their post (no need to upload a pdf here). Be sure to sign with the name of your artist. One can imagine a conversation between Louis Armstrong and Ornette Coleman, or perhaps an invitation from Dizzy Gillespie to Charlie Parker.

Classmate social media account ( Attached)


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