Discussion and reply

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1) In your POST: Present something you learned or thought was interesting OR something you have a question about. (6-7 sentences)

2) REPLY to at least TWO (2) other students.(3-4 sentences for each reply)

Here are two post by my classmatesf that I want you to reply:
1)”from the this book, i have learned that people who are in love can be easily deceived. or in the other case, they are letting themselves to be deceived, leaving the important part behind. Rene Gallimard loses everything including his wife, career, as well as self regard for something fake. the part where i thought interesting was how Liling Song presents his part as a woman. he must have done it beyond well that he could fool Gallimard for 20 years, including their baby.

Gallimard was truly in love with Song, but did Song feel the same way as Gallimard did?”

2)“I found this play really really fascinating. The story was different than most plays on the surface but in the end it really is just a love story. How love makes us see what we want to see in people and how a love addled brain can be manipulated. I had some questions but honestly most of them had to do with what was happening politically at that time. It is interesting how my history education just never went into recent history. This play proved that I really do not know that much about the Viet nam war or Chinas cultural revolution. I dont have a full understanding of how the French were involved. It think that will be some of the areas that I need to fill in for my own personal knowledge. I am sure most people are awed by the deception of Song actually being a man but I am more interested in how Song was able to manipulate him for so long. How did he keep up the pretense? It must have been exhausting to live a lie like that, truly exhausting!”


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