Discussion Part 1 and 2 – Module 4.1

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Part 1

Discussion: Comparing and Contrasting

The technique of comparing and contrasting is commonly used in K-12 ELA classrooms. In addition to facilitating active classroom discussion and encouraging student engagement, this technique has also been found to have a positive impact on mental skill.

Main Response

Review Robert Marzano’s article about how comparing and contrasting can help build mental skill. Then, develop a main response in which you:

  • Discuss the extent to which you agree and disagree with Marzano’s claims, including specific details and examples to support your points.
  • Summarize how you have used, or believe you will use, the technique of comparing and contrasting texts in your current or future classroom.
  • Explain how this technique fits with the NYS Common Core Literacy and ELA Standards.

Part 2

Discussion 4.1: Modifications

The Exceptional Lives chapters on communication disorders (Ch. 6) and intellectual disability (Ch. 9) provide several ways for teachers to modify instruction to teach children with these disabilities.

  1. Discuss one modification each for a student with communication disorders and intellectual disability.
  2. Discuss how those modifications would also be helpful for typically developing (general education) students.

The usual for these and the replies to follow as always. Let me know what you need from the textbooks or if you need access again to my account.


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