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This does not need to be very long. Simple assignment


Post One:

Please read BEFORE you post

The VERY first thing you will need to do is come up with a working definition of what a ‘balanced scorecard’ is and how it works. Again, use text, other readings, outside sources, etc (with citations please) to come up with this.

Then, you will need to figure out how the Balanced Scorecard approach is “Different” from what the company is currently doing (rewards based on profits and stock prices).

Once you have done that, you are ready to answer the last 2 questions (1) how would you expect executive performance to change and (2) how would you expect overall company performance to change?

I am sure for your reply posts you can find someone who had a very different opinion from your own – perhaps try to convince them you are correct!


Suppose a company at which executives were rewarded for meeting targets based only on profits and stock price switches to a balanced scorecard that adds measures for customer satisfaction, employee engagement, employee diversity, and ethical conduct.

How, if at all, would you expect executive performance to change in response to the new control system? How, if at all, would you expect the company’s performance to change?

(Note: The balanced scorecard contains four major perspectives.)

Post Two:


This module introduced you to the topic of Intellectual Property. With advances in technology, many people are resorting to downloading music, movies, and protected works of art without paying the appropriate fees. Does trademark, patent, or copyright infringement really hurt anyone? Why or why not? Explain your position and provide examples.


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