Discussion question and also reply to 2 peers answers

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For your initial post in the discussion topic, use one of the themes of geography as a means of explaining how and why North Africa is categorized regionally with Southwest Asia, separate from sub-Saharan Africa. You may feel free to pull in additional themes if you wish.

When responding to your peers, build on their posts, identifying current issues specific to physical attributes or relative location that may be impacting the movement of either people, merchandise, or ideas.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Peer 1

Eric Fisher posted Jan 29, 2020 9:09 PM

Good afternoon All, the themes of Geography that I will be focusing on is Movement that link these two areas together. The means to transport goods, services, and people efficiently and quickly have always led to population build up in these certain areas. I read about that last week when I saw how manufacturing jobs and towns were built near and around the route of the Trans-Siberia Railroad. The close proximity to North Africa and Southwest Asia via the surrounding bodies of water show why these two areas are linked together. The exploit of natural resources in each of these regions created immense revenues. The natural resources that laid underneath are oil and natural gas, having these resources located near shipping lanes produced fundamental changes quickly. The increase in wealth allowed for spending on infrastructure including airports, seaports, tunnels, and highways.

Due to the rapid growth of these areas they have been subjected to an influx of workers from all around. This is due to the higher wages that are being offered compared to nearby countries that offer lower wages.



Nijman, J., Muller, P.O., & Blij de, H. J., . (2016). The world today: concepts and regions in geography. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley

Peer 2

Hi Friends!

There are certain things about how the world is divided into regions that are strange to me and this is one of them! Eight weeks ago if you asked me what region North Africa is a part of, I would’ve said “Africa” without thinking. Shows that we can never be too sure. sections of Africa are very different from each other and can almost seem like completely different worlds in terms of the people, the culture, the food, and really everything.
I believe Northern Africa and SouthWest Asia are pulled together because of their relative location and shared religious belief.
I personally am not a religious person, but I understand how it can bring massive groups together and make them feel like one. The Northern Africa region and the SouthWest Asia region both follow the religion of Islam. According to the map shown in our textbook, when Islam started to get bigger it spread across SW Asia and Northern Africa, but it did not reach the regions we would assume North Africa would be put with (Nijman, 2015).
Islam Map
This idea of religion putting these areas together reminds me of North America and Christianity. In North America, 70% of the United States are practicing Christians, 67% for Canada and 87% for Mexico (Junior, 2019).

Sydney Welch


Junior, Vic Lang’at. (2019, March 18). The Major Religions in North America. Retrieved from https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/major-religions-in-north-america.html
Nijman, Jan, et al. (2015). World Today: Concepts and Regions in Geography. Wiley


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