Dose this play entertain, English homework help

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For this essay I have to Select a question from the “Ideas” section on the  Tartuffe study  sheet and write a well-developed essay that answers the question using examples from the text of the play. Use MLA documentation for in-text citations anda Works Cited page for the play, the primary source and for any seconday sources you may have used. The secondary sources may not be class note, study guides, or wikipedia articles. Seconday sources must have named author. s Write 600-1000 (6-10 paragraphs,   4-5 pages of text). 

Topic:  Dose this play entertain?

Use the guidelines on MLA format, on writing an academic paper, and on writing a research paper found below. 

I attached the full play down there and you should find the basic outline of the paper 

I need it in 48 hours

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