Electronic Records Management essay

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  1. Companies create business records of many types and store the electronic files using an electronic records management (ERM) system. Explain why an ERM is a senior management issue and not simply an IT issue?
  2. Describe each of the four V’s of data analytics: variety, volume, velocity, and veracity.
  3. Identify the primary functions of a database and a data warehouse. Explain why enterprises need both of these data management technologies.


  • Scholarly paper
  • Microsoft Word® (DOCX)
  • Current APA style
    • 12 pt Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced lines
    • Title Page
    • Page Headers on all pages
    • In-text Citations
    • Reference List page


  • Paste each assignment question in BOLD font before each answer in the body of the text.
  • Provide detailed data to answer ALL the questions fully.
  • Conduct research using BOTH the course readings AND outside primary sources.
  • Include terminology obtained from the research materials.

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