Elizabeth Kim’s ethical duties, discussion help

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Recall your small group’s
discussion last week and the outline you completed in week 2. Briefly, share
your small group’s evaluation of Elizabeth Kim’s ethical duties. Now consider
Elizabeth Kim’s emotional response to her dilemma. Which principles of care or
virtue theory would Elizabeth Kim use to arrive at a caring response?  How do
these principles work with the principles of duty discussed in your small


reference to this discussion, there is clear evident that every photo has a
message that it implies. The style always gives the nature of the message being
communicated. In the second image of the forum discussion the photo displays men
in a swimming pool with a dog besides. Looking at the photo in different views
the presentation is quite appealing and general across all people. For instance,
it looks quite ethical in a public swimming pool holding a dog while
participating in the swimming with the rest of people. Its healthy and presents
a good public outfit of showing care and concern to the

appearance of the photo is not quite clear because the setting was blurred. This
makes the general perception of the image not good looking. However, the
identity of the image appears clear and able to understand the set-up of the
image. Consider the principle of charity, the application of this methodological
view on this photo, the truth is that the general perception is that the image
is ethical and with a good message. The two men on the picture appears concerned
and busy in their swimming attires. This appearance can be considered general to
all people since it will have no negative implication on people of any gender.
The implications of care comes out clearly with the way we see one gentleman
just making the dog feel cool.

On the
other side, the photo also portrays a social concept of friendship and relation
between humans and the animals. This photo is a presentation of how men can
interact and maintain a strong bond with their pet. I consider this quite
interesting and signaling a good tie even at points of social retreat. From this
perspective the photo presents good ethics on how we ought to treat even the
animals or the pets we have.


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