Eng–The Reflective Introduction

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I need a Reflective Introduction for my portfolio…..I will attache this to the two revised works that were previously completed. I know you don’t have the info for the class but I can paste a copy of the course outline of the 4 modules we did to help you write this…..It does not matter that it is coming from you and your background and experiences. Just as long as you can references the topics covered in the course, I can hopefully tweek it once you finish it.

This opening reflection is a space for you to articulate your
knowledge about writing, writing studies, and yourself as a writer —
both what you’ve learned and what you are currently grappling with. It
is the first piece of writing that will be read by me and any
other/future readers of your portfolio. You’ve been asked to investigate your literacy experiences and writing studies scholarship to help you better understand and navigate the different writing situations you’ll continue to encounter through your lifetime. This final reflection asks you to look back on your experiences as a writing researcher and to articulate for yourself and in your own voices, your own languages, what it is you have learned about writing in your first-year writing course(s). In short, you are being tasked with a culminating act of scholarship and metacognition.

The purpose of this assignment is for
you to take a step back and consider yourself as a writer and
thinker—as a writing studies researcher—and to explore and explain how
you could (or have) applied your knowledge to understand writing and
writing contexts differently, or even understand yourself differently as
a writer and scholar.

A “good” reflection in this context
is one in which you explicitly engage with key concepts of the course,
explore the significance you attach to those concepts, and provide
specific evidence to explain the specificity of your thinking by drawing
on your own writing experiences and analytical reading (i.e., use
evidence from your research, writing, and observation). The overall aim
here is for you to articulate your understanding or theory of how
writing works as well as how you might transfer this knowledge to new
writing situations.

Your Reflective Introduction Should Include:

  • At least 1,200 words;
  • Explicit discussion of concepts and terms from our course;
  • Explicit connection of your thinking to the works in your portfolio;
  • Explicit consideration of how you will (and/or have already begun
    to) apply concepts from this course to writing and communication you
    participate in outside of it.

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