Essay on Judith Jarvis Thomson: A Defense of Abortion

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Here are some recommendations for how to plan your paper:

Format requirements: Minimum 900 words, maximum 1000 words. Nor the TAs or I care what font you are using, what color, or what spacing. You can upload it as a word document, or pdf. Concerning the format of the paper, that is all the terms that I can think of. We are more interested in your thoughts than in the form you choose for their deliverance.

Due date: November 9.

But you can turn it in early.

How you should plan your paper:

In the first paragraph describe what you want to write about. Explain what you will argue for or against

It can be:

– an idea that you heard in class

– a morally relevant topic that you heard about outside of class that you can integrate in what we discussed in class

– an argument that you heard in class and you do not agree with

– an argument that you heard in class that you agree with and you think that you can make the point that the common attitude of society gets that aspect wrong

– something that we discussed in class and you think that there are relevant aspects that have been left out and you want to emphasize those aspects

Second step: explain why you think that the topic you chose is relevant for moral consideration, why is it relevant for society

Third step: explain your position towards the topic you chose;

Argue for your position and explain as best as you can why do you think you are right.

What we are looking for when we grade:

First of all, we want to make sure that you understand the topic that you are writing about: why is it relevant to moral philosophy, what are its most important moral implications.

Then we look at your argument to see whether it holds. Whether the premises that your argument implies result in the conclusion that you say they do.

Third, we look for clarity and organization.

Look up reliable sources for your paper. Ask your TA or me for help. Peer reviewed articles, books, Stanford Encyclopedia for Philosophy are highly recommended. If you copy one sentence from somewhere without quoting it you can be accused of plagiarism, which will not only result in you getting a 0 for that paper, but also have it on your record that you have plagiarized.

Practical tips: write a short draft for your paper. Write half a page about what you want to write about. Go to sleep and let it sit for one day.

Next day go back to your draft and write the paper.

Third day, explain your paper to a friend or family member, to your TA or to me. Do they understand what you are trying to argue? After this conversation you will figure out whether there is something that you need to clarify.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper