ethics class needs to be reworded

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I need help rewording a couple of stuff.Reword all of this please.

1.Referring back to the unit for inspiration, the significant differentiation between prejudice and discrimination is emphasized through the concept that prejudice is a mindset while discrimination is an action. Both play an essential role in the creation of a subordinate group through actions of unequal treatment due to race, sex, gender, etc. Racism and other forms unequal treatment lead to the creation of a certain group of people being classified as dominant and above everyone else, causing those individuals that are not classified as being part of the dominant group to face different types of prejudice or be discriminated against. According to the unit, the different theories of prejudice that the subordinate group faces, describe the means in which prejudice is learned and the preconception and unacceptance of groups that are considered the minority. Contrastingly, discrimination includes five levels which highlight both “covert” and “overt” types of discrimination that the minority faces, which plays a large role in leading to the creation of a subordinate group.

2. In the film “A Class Divided”, a clear distinction of the dominant and subordinate group was demonstrated through the actions of the students in Jane Elliot’s classroom once they were divided between brown and blue eyes. The group that the teacher chose as the non-dominate group was discriminated against and seen as lower than the other group and due to that they were treated unfairly.

3.Comment: The distinction between the dominant and subordinate groupof students resulted in unequal treatment and discrimination. The group of students that were subordinatewere not allowed to have the same benefits and opportunities as the other group. They were treated unfairly and even bullied by the other kids. Discriminationwas clearly seen through the actions of the “superior” students who thought they were better than them. This exercise in the classroom between the students demonstrated a significant form of discriminationthat takes place, racism. The subordinate groupof kids were put into the shoes of those individuals that are discriminatedagainst due to their race. This goes to show that when there is discriminationtaking place, those individuals that are the minority result in the creation of the subordinate group.

4. In the short clip from the “Joy Luck Club”, the mother of the son discriminated the son’s girlfriend by telling her and warning her that due to her race as an Asian, she will be treated differently than her son. In her eyes, she did not see this as discriminatory and believed that she was saying this for the girlfriend’s own good.

5. The expressive comments made by the mother were a form of discrimination, but a specific form called “unaware/unintentional racism”. By mentioning the comments of how she will be treated differently due to her race was a clear form of racism, however, the mother was not aware that she was being discriminatoryintentionally and instead believed that she was doing the right thing by providing her son’s girlfriend with a warning. In this case, the mother is unintentionally classifying herself, her son and her family as the dominate group and by putting the girlfriend down due to her race she is considering her lower than herself which creates the subordinate groupwhich the girlfriend is a part of in the mother’s eyes.

2.Explain: Racismis a prevalent issue in America that takes place to this day. Looking back to the unit as a form of inspiration, racismis identified as the unequal treatment of an individual due to their race. There are many forms of racismincluding both “unware” and “aware” forms, as identified by the unit. It is essential to identify and determine the elements of racism because it will be beneficial to the discussion of race and discriminationin America since it will bring a major issue to light. For America to be able to advance and more forward it must be able to handle the major issues that are taking so in its own country. In order to do so America must be able to identify these elements which will be beneficial in in discussing race and bringing it to light as an issue that needs to be resolved.

3.Comment: This article highlights the significant amount of racismthat takes place, especially toward African American women. The racist discriminationagainst Serena Williams because of her race and gender just goes to show how reoccurring racismis and that it needs to be recognized in order for steps to be taken to stop is eventually. Being able to determine the racist acts andprejudicethat take place, such as the one against Serena Williams and being able to identify it will result in an positive impact on the discussion of race in America and further lead to drastic changes to be made.

4.Comment: In this quote, Yamato is trying to bring to the attention of people that in order to even get to the point of beginning to solve the issue of racismit is essential that it should be “acknowledged” first. This quote emphasizes the significant of racismas a major form of discriminationand prejudicethat is taking place. It is essential to be able to classify the elements that make racismsince it will be beneficial in discussion of racismin America. By being able to “acknowledge” it as Yamato says and being able to identify the elements will help America be able to recognize it and move forward as a country by determining and figuring out the right steps to a resolution for this significant problem.

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