Evidence-Based Practice Nursing: PICO Assignment

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This assignment must be completed on the template provided.

In this assessment you will create 1 clinical question using the PICO format labeling each portion of the question. Then search the literature to find 3 articles related to your clinical question. List the articles in APA format.

  • You will list your clinical question on the first line
  • Label each specific portion of the question in P-I-C-O section
  • You will then search the literature to find 3 articles related to that clinical question. Articles related to the PICO process in general will not count toward your reference requirement.
  • Assignment must be completed on the template provided in the assignment instructions.
  • Do not use soap and water vs gel question, the adult wart, menopausal women with osteopenia, PKU testing of 2-week-old infants, or hypertension and home monitoring as your PICO question; these are specific examples given in the required reading at the end of the Evidence-Based Practice activity and in the course presentation and cannot be used. If such an example is used it will be an automatic 5 point deduction.
  • Important– the 2 additional questions of the assignment should focus on your clinical question and NOT as a generalization regarding PICO questions. If answered as a generalization, 5 points will be deducted.

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