Evolution of Talent Management (Human Resources) – 4-6 Paragraph Discussion Post

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Discussion 1: Evolution of Talent Management

The definitions of talent and talent management have evolved over years of transitions from focusing only on upper-level leadership and executives to address the development needs of all employees in order to support the strategies and needs of the organization. In this Discussion, you will examine current and past perspectives on the topics of talent and talent management, and then discuss your perspective on the implications of how organizations view Talent and talent management. Be sure to support your posts with appropriate references.

You will post a cohesive and response based on your assigned academic readings and research this week that addresses the following:

  • How have the definitions of talent and talent management evolved to current-day thinking? Compose what you believe are the best definitions for each.
  • Discuss whether you think it makes a difference how organizations define talent and talent management, or whether it is just semantics.

Be sure to cite examples from this week’s readings or others you find in the Library or elsewhere to support your claims. APA Format.

By Day 3

Post a response that answers the above. APA Format.


Johnson, M. (2010). Honing a talent for retaining talent. Financial Executive, 26(5), 20-24. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

This article examines the impact that poor hiring and firing practices have on an organization’s success. It also discusses the financial impact that hiring and firing have on an organization.


King, J. (2010). IT Careers 2020. Computerworld, 44(16), 14-19. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

Note: Only read the segment on p. 17 that is title, “IT Job Seeks Need Not Apply.”

This article explores a new approach to recruiting talent. Organizations today are looking for talent capable of having multiple career paths, rather than just hiring for the specific position.


Ready, D. A., & Conger, J. A. (2007). Make your company a talent factory. Harvard Business Review, 85(6), 68-77. Retrieved from https://hbsp.harvard.edu/tu/24db8ee5
The authors of this article present information found from an international survey on organizations that are satisfied with their talent pipeline. This article presents information on how organizations can overcome the struggle that some still face in building a successful talent pipeline.


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