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You are the owner of a small chain of bookstores.To catalog your inventory, create a list of at least 25 books using an Excel table.Include the title, author, category and price.Choose one of the available table formats.When finished adding books, sort your list by category.Add relevant WordArt to your worksheet.Name this worksheet “Inventory”.Save your workbook with the name:Odd_Books_ltd.xls.

Add a new worksheet that lists total sales by store for each quarter.Include 4 stores in the following cities:Cleveland, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale and Phoenix.Add a bar chart in the same worksheet that displays your data.Format the chart to make it as attractive as possible.Name this worksheet “Quarter_Sales”

In a new worksheet, create a pie chart that shows total sales for each store.Format the chart to display the value and the percentage.Again, format the chart to make it as visually appealing as possible.Name this worksheet “Sales by Store”

Add a hyperlink in the Sales by Store worksheet that jumps you to the Quarter Sales worksheet.Name the link:“See Sales by Quarter”.

In another new worksheet, create an Organization Chart that displays the hierarchy of your organization. Save your workbook as a Web page with the name:Odd Books.Close all open worksheets.

Create a new workbook that displays time sheets for your individual employees for one week including time in and time out.Include each employee in a separate worksheet.Use a time interval function to calculate the hours worked for each employee.Save the workbook with the name “Bookstore_Timesheet”

Insert an additional worksheet without any employee data but including fields such as current date, employee name, time in, time out, and total hours worked.Save this worksheet as a template with the name:Employee_Time_Sheet.

Close and save all open workbooks.


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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper