exercise 7m

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For this exercise, you need to go to a site with lots of display ads. Review the ads, but do not click any of them yet. Select two different ads to study further and briefly note what you you would expect to find on the landing page for each ad. Then click through to each ad and spend a little time exploring the landing page (no need to click anything beyond that…this exercise focuses solely on the landing page associated with each ad).

To receive credit for this exercise, REPLY to THIS message and answer the following questions:

  1. What ads did you select? Based on the content of the ad, what did you expect to find on the landing page for each ad prior to clicking on the ad?
  2. For each landing page, identify the value proposition(s) and the call(s) to action. Is it obvious and clear what they want visitors to do to convert? Why or why not?
  3. Based on the ad and the landing page, to what demographic is each advertiser trying to appeal? Are they doing a good job of that? Explain.
  4. Based on what you learned in Chapter 7 (and, to a lesser degree, in Chapter 6), what suggestions would you make to each advertiser to strengthen the value proposition, the call(s) to action, or the appeal of the page to the selected target demographic?

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