Exploring ebp quality improvement

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Part 1: Key Project Elements

  • Describe the three healthcare settings that you explored as proposed sites for an EBP QI project.      For each health care setting, identify the following defining features: patient population, mission, public or private entity, single institution or member of a corporation, and others you identify as significant.
  • Compare the settings for strengths and weaknesses as sites for an EBP QI project. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Explain the practice problems that you explored based on your interests and identified needs of the health care settings you investigated.
  • Explain why each problem is a potential focus for an EBP QI project. Be specific and provide examples.
  • For each health care setting, describe the stakeholders whose approval would be required to initiate an EBP QI project and implement the results.
  • Compare similarities and differences in stakeholder requirements across the settings.
  • Identify the one proposed health care setting/practice site and one proposed practice problem you have selected as the focus of a hypothetical presentation to stakeholders,      and explain your choices.

Part 2: Implementation Science Presentation

Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 3–5 slides, plus cover and reference slides, to inform a set of potential stakeholders at the practice site you have identified for a proposed EBP QI project. Although you will not make your presentation, it should be authentic to the purpose and include the following:

  • Introduce the framework or model you have selected for the EBP QI project and your reasoning. (1–2 slides)
  • Present a draft of the proposed practice problem. Include notes for each slide describing points you would make to the assembled stakeholders to obtain their approval or buy-in for the EBP QI project. (2–3 slides). 

NURS 8114:
Theoretical and Scientific Foundations of Nursing

Preparing for an EBP QI Presentation to Stakeholders
at a Practice Site

Use these guidelines in preparing a presentation, keeping in mind that for your Module 3 Assignment, you are not completing all steps (follow the specific assignment instructions) and are not making an actual presentation. However, this process has wide applications and will support your future work in developing a DNP Project on evidence-based practice and quality improvement (EBP QI) for this doctoral program, as well as other change initiatives you will lead as a DNP.

· Identify key stakeholders in the practice site who are responsible for quality improvement/evidence-based practice.

· For stakeholder analysis—those who will be involved in, affected by, or influential in the change process; the role of each; their level of commitment and influence for or against the change. Review stakeholder assessment guidelines (White, Dudley-Brown, & Terhaar, 2019, pp. 218–221).

· Determine practice problem(s) of concern to stakeholders/nursing staff that are amenable to intervention.

· Conduct a needs assessment to further define the problem(s) identified and methods used to further describe the problem.

· Determine organizational readiness for change (can be assessed at the individual or supra-individual level, e.g., team, department).

Change commitment reflects members’ shared resolve to implement a change.

Change efficacy reflects members’ shared belief in their collective capability to implement a change.

· Conduct a literature search to find evidence of existing interventions, as well as perceived need for interventions to resolve the identified problem, as defined in current existing publications.

Generate a proposal for addressing the problem based on findings in the literature.

· Present the proposal to the stakeholders and elicit their comments, suggestions, and support.

· Obtain written commitments from key partners that state what they will do to implement the innovation; this includes nurses and other health care providers whose support is needed.

In making a presentation, always lead with the motivating force of your DNP role as an advocate of positive social change. You will give power to your presentation!

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