Final Exam Essay Strategic Management

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Business 189 aims to teach you to think strategically – that is, to think about and take part in making decisions about the big questions of what the organization will try to do and how it will do it. The final exam will test to what extent you’ve developed these skills. The largest part of the exam will be the writing of two essays.

“Question 1: In the years after the period discussed in our case, Tricon Restaurants succeeded in making KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut among the most highly profitable restaurant chains in the world. Under Pepsico, they had been losing money. What did the managers of Tricon do to make them so successful? In your answer, discuss where the policy of Tricon lies on the Cost Reductions vs. Local Responsiveness box discussed on pp. 358-364 of the text.

Question2: The text discusses the success of Netflix on pp. 219-220. Why has Netflix been so much more successful than competitors such as Blockbuster, Hulu, and Time Warner (HBO)? In your answer, discuss the evolution through the industry life-cycle of different ways of delivering content. Were network effects important in Netflix’ success? Were economies of scale important?”

Write short essay to answer 2 questions below. I give you textbook which pages mention on question

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