Finalize my legal brief

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Listed below is peer feedback from my professor and attached is my draft with comments / peer feedback from one of my classmates. Please finalize this draft incorporating the feedback and after review the case at

I have attached my original document and the doucment with peer feedback.

The finalized brief should be no more than one page

feedback from my professor:

Swann v. Charlotte-Meckenburg Board of Education addressed the question of judicially acceptable alternatives for implementation of immediate, massive desegregation, as ordered in the Green and Alexander cases.

Here the U.S. Supreme Court established the following remedies: (a) limited use of mathematical ratios of black and white students is not an inflexible requirement, but may be used as a starting point in the process of shaping a remedy, and such use within the scope of the Court in determining an equitable remedial solution; (b) pairing and grouping of noncontiguous school zones is a permissible tool and may be considered as a way to remedy past constitutional violations; and (c) assigning children to the school nearest their home that serves their grade would not produce an effective dismantling of the dual system; therefore, a busing system could be ordered as one tool of school desegregation.

The Court made a point that the objective of these school desegregation cases was to ensure that school authorities do not exclude any student from any school.

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