financial research required

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I need a research ” financial research ” for financial planning course

number of page: 5 to 7

12 font, Time New Roman, 1.5 space

Parts of the research: YOU HAVE TO RIGHT TO ADD MORE PARTS IF ADDED VALUE TO RESEARCH (this just a draft)


Liquidity ( what is it, its important, problem result of)

compare between the liquidation process in real state company and in agriculture company (as they are different in classify the short and long term assets and liabilities) Note: real state short A and L more than 1 year , agriculture short A and L is less than 1 year ((also should mention the factors of classification and why)

Give example of both and analyze the balance sheet explain the short and long term assets and liabilities ( as it can take more then 1 year )

the difference in Liquidity planning in both (tools, aspect,



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