First Office Memo Assignment and Bluebook Citation, law homework help

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1. This week you are working on your first Office Memo. This is the first of several office memos you will write in this class, as well as in Part II of this course. As in Week 3, in this Discussion Board, please share with each other (and with me) what you are learning from writing this office memo, what problems you are running in to, and what solutions to those problems you have found. You may also ask me questions about the assignment in this discussion. This way, everyone benefits from the questions and answers. My intent is to have you share information about the process of writing an office memo – how beneficial this is depends in large part on each of you, and how much you participate.
2. In your office memos this week, you must cite both cases and statutes properly using Bluebook format. To that end, you will review the introduction to the Bluebook, found on Page 1, and you will read the Bluepages sections that deal with both case and statute citation. You will also read Rule 10 and Rule 12 in the Bluebook, and you will review Table 1 again. Once you have done that, you will find two cases from your home state and two statutes from your home state, and you will cite them in this forum using proper citation format. (These can be on any topic! Do not use them in the Office Memo in the Assignments tab. They are only to be used in your forum post for citation practice.) What are some differences between the Bluepages and the Rules? Why are they different?

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