For this assignment, you’ll begin to develop a structure for your essay by thinking about and writing a detailed response to all prompts below. In order to complete this assignment, answer questions 1

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For this assignment, you’ll begin to develop a structure for your essay by thinking about and writing a detailed response to all prompts below.

In order to complete this assignment, answer questions 1-5 and respond to both reflection bullet points. Be sure your total word count is well above 400 words so that you are responding and reflecting in enough detail to provide a full analysis. When finished, upload your written response to USF Writes.

  1. Introduce the research problem or question and the rationale for exploring it.
    • Explain the issue or the problem
    • Describe the surrounding context if relevant
    • What would make someone curious about it? What would make someone want to read more about the topic?
  1. Establish the significance of the problem or question and why readers should care about it.
    • How many people are affected?
    • What aspects of our society are affected?
    • What difference will it make in people’s lives?
    • Why is this particular question significant?
  1. Describe and analyze what has already been written or said by others about the topic.
    • Who has made a significant contribution to the conversation (existing research) about this?
    • Who are the strongest, most credible voices in the conversation?
    • What have they said and how does that relate to your research question?
    • What important questions do these other voices raise for you?
  1. Explain what you find to be the most significant or key answer to the research question?
    • In the end, which voices were most convincing? Why?
    • What aspects of the conversation turned out to be most important? Why?
    • What might you add to the conversation?
    • What do you want to say?
  1. Describe what you’ve come to understand about the topic that you didn’t fully appreciate when you began the project. What is left to explore? What would others still want to know?
    • What difference will the discoveries you made about your topic make in your life? In your readers’ lives? In the lives of any specific audience to which your essay might be targeted?
    • What do you remain curious about?
    • What questions remain unanswered or what issue is unresolved?
    • What directions might you take if you were to continue to explore the topic?
    • What do you want to say?


After you have developed your response to the questions above, write a reflection on the following prompts:

  • Consider and identify anything you can’t answer, any areas you might need more sources to support, or any questions that come up. Even if you can’t answer all the prompts above, do you have enough to start to develop a structure for your essay that will guide your writing? What other information/material/sources might help?
  • Can you imagine using this structure to build on and can you imagine adding evidence from the sources you have to each of your points? Can you envision how you might provide analysis of all that evidence? Can you determine a clear thesis that represents your essay and to which all your other points will connect? Can you see ahead to a possible conclusion that gives readers a sense of what’s most important to know about your topic? How do you envision your research essay starting to take shape — which parts are strong and which need some strengthening.

For this assignment, you’ll begin to develop a structure for your essay by thinking about and writing a detailed response to all prompts below. In order to complete this assignment, answer questions 1
P2.1 Project Proposal & What are they talking about right now in your community? Greek life at USF In the community people gather at the school campus such as at the MSC Marshall student center. They also meet outside of school at community service events or social gatherings. In this community individuals also live with one another and keep the culture around them! As for language, each subgroup within the community has their own language but they all have that shared understanding of the Greek alphabet and their meanings and roots behind it and their culture. Accessibility, this is a community you do have to apply and earn to be a part of this community. Most of the time you do have to pay to be apart of this community Goals and interest, as before In the language section each sub organization has their own goals and interest but they all support the goal of improving their local community and they ae constantly working together on community service projects and they also all support academic excellence Rules and expectations, everyone involved in this community is held to a specific standard of excellence, this is a highly regarded community. As for the sub organizations within this community they have their individual rules as to what language to use in certain settings, what attire should be worn, et. There is a collective understanding of what attire and language to use at community wide events . .. … We are not too involved in this community, but we would like to be, and we would love to gain more information about this community. People who are out going, or individual who are wanting to get out of their comfort zone, Individuals who share the same goals and interest such has helping their community and wanting to excel in their careers They communicate through social media, and representing their culture Goals and interest Integrity, Leadership, Learning, and Service (,Leadership%2C%20Learning%2C%20and%20Service.)
For this assignment, you’ll begin to develop a structure for your essay by thinking about and writing a detailed response to all prompts below. In order to complete this assignment, answer questions 1
P2.3 Project two planning Assignment Some key ideas that are emerging in my research has been the information regarding deforestation and how it relates to pollution . The main idea will be in relation to deforestation and how it is effecting our environment and how all that leads to affecting our health . Possibly and thesis statement could be along the lines of “ Deforestation has been going on for centuries , Its important to know how this long lasting practice is affecting our daily lives.” Three key points would be how deforestation affects our soil, how the carbon dioxide is released and trapped in the earths atmosphere, and how deforestation is also affecting our water sources . . When we knock down trees and clear land to build new subdivisions how do you thank that affects our soil quality ? The quality of our soil decreases the more and more we limit the variety of vegetation in the area. . Trees and various plants filter the run off water in our environment , leaving us with clean drinkable water , well that used to be the case before deforestation became a global issue . . Air pollution is something inescapable and affects everyone on of us daily without us even knowing it ! Deforestation is one of the leading causes for the increase of air pollution today . A rough outline Id like to start off with defining deforestation and provide some back ground such as how long its been going on the for as in the history behind it Then continue to give the reasoning behind why we have deforestation and the pros Of course then move to the plethora of cons and how its affecting our health Then give a rundown on how our world leaders are involved and the role that they play At the end of the paper give the audience a run down on the key topics that were hit and their significance The significance of each of the key points : It provides a question as well as posses the answer. It mentions how deforestation to build developments affect our health and the earth’s environment. This contributes to the conversation because there are researchers working at this moment forming opinions and theories said subject so this is a paper that can bring all the information and form it into one thought . And express it in other means. This is a quite informational chunk of the paper not much commentary more statistical just to explain in which direction is deforestation taking us This is to make the audience aware that we are being affecting unknowingly right under our noses type of deal They all contribute to the active conversation of deforestation gathering information form various streams and pooling it in one place and potentially discovering new information along the way. Yes all of these topics have evidence to support them it was through surfing in the source that I had discovered these key leading questions . They all tie in by providing a 360 view/ understanding of deforestation as a whole. 5) Maybe their may be better direct questions that I can use , like rewording the guiding questions Other information , I mean I really have to keep searching for sources until I feel like I have fully supported the topic , because I might discover ne information that I’d like to add but then I need additional sources to support that as well. As of right now I cannot identify any holes in my research , other than that I need to continue looking for reliable sources .
For this assignment, you’ll begin to develop a structure for your essay by thinking about and writing a detailed response to all prompts below. In order to complete this assignment, answer questions 1
How Pollution Affects the Health of the Human Population The specific topic I will explore for P1 is “How pollution affects the health of the human population.” This topic is of significant importance as, pollution is a major environmental problem that impacts people’s health in numerous ways. Air pollution water pollution, and soil pollution are some of the subtopics I will explore to get a comprehensive understanding of the impact of pollution on human health (Kelly & Fussell, 2015). The guiding question I am following is, “What are the effects of pollution on the health of the human population, and how can it be prevented?”. So far, I have discovered that pollution can lead to respiratory problems, heart diseases, cancers, and other serious health issues. I also want to explore the ways in which people can reduce their exposure to pollution and prevent its negative impact on their health. My anticipated audience is the general public. This research would matter to them as it will provide them with information about the harmful effects of pollution on their health and ways to reduce their exposure to it (Manisalidis et al., 2020). Students, researchers, and environmental organizations may also be interested in this information. The significance of the topic and the purpose of communicating about it is to raise awareness about the negative impact of pollution on human health and motivate people to take action to prevent it. The information I have found so far from my sources supports the topic effectively. I have found numerous studies that demonstrate the link between pollution and various health problems. Some key ideas I might want to feature in my essay include the different types of pollution and their effect on human health, the sources of pollution, and ways to reduce exposure to it. I will continue to search for more sources, including peer-reviewed articles, government reports, and environmental organizations. In addition to the sources I have found so far, I will also look at case studies and real-life examples to support my ideas. I will search for additional sources through academic databases, such as PubMed and JSTOR, as well as environmental organizations and government websites. I will also consider conducting interviews with experts in the field to gather more information and fill any gaps in my research. In conclusion, I have researched the pollution and its effect on human health so far, and I need to consider finding more sources to support my ideas and fill any gaps in my research. I will also continue to search for case studies and real-life examples to add more depth to my research. References Kelly, F. J., & Fussell, J. C. (2015). Air pollution and public health: emerging hazards and improved understanding of risk. Environmental geochemistry and health, 37, 631-649. Manisalidis, I., Stavropoulou, E., Stavropoulos, A., & Bezirtzoglou, E. (2020). Environmental and health impacts of air pollution: a review. Frontiers in public health, 14.
For this assignment, you’ll begin to develop a structure for your essay by thinking about and writing a detailed response to all prompts below. In order to complete this assignment, answer questions 1
Research Planning Report Name Name ENC 1102 Date Research Planning Report Deforestation is the clearing or removal of forests or other forested regions, frequently for industrial, commercial, or agricultural uses. The practice has a big impact on global and local food security. Forest clearing disrupts wildlife habitats and ecosystems, which can ripple impact on the food chain. Deforestation can also result in soil erosion, topsoil loss, and decreasing water quality, all of which can negatively affect agricultural and food supply. The quality of the food produced, as well as its accessibility and availability, are both impacted by deforestation, which poses a danger to global food security. When trees are cut down for farming, the soil is more susceptible to erosion and degradation, which reduces crop yields and makes the area less fertile. The result could be a shortage of food and a price rise. Deforestation also disturbs ecosystems and species’ habitats, which can impact the food chain. Ecosystems can become unbalanced as species lose their homes and food sources, which can impact the survival and procreation of other species, particularly those crucial for human consumption. Subtopics that could be explored include: The impact of deforestation on indigenous communities who rely on the forest for their livelihoods. The effects of deforestation on biodiversity. The role of government policies and regulations in mitigating deforestation. The significance of this subject stems from its significance for both environmental sustainability and global food security. By releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and reducing the planet’s capacity to absorb carbon, deforestation is a primary cause of climate change. Food security is a serious problem, especially in developing nations where subsistence farming is common. By damaging ecosystems, lowering soil fertility, and interfering with the water cycle, deforestation worsens food insecurity. Raising awareness of the detrimental effects of deforestation and supporting sustainable measures that can lessen its effects require effective communication on this issue. It is possible to persuade decision-makers, farmers, and consumers to take action to safeguard forests and advance sustainable food systems by stressing the connection between deforestation and food security. I can further explore the specific impacts of deforestation on different regions and types of food production, as well as potential solutions to mitigate these effects. What is the worldwide extent of deforestation, and how does it affect the availability of arable land for food production? What are deforestation’s social, economic, and environmental effects on food availability, particularly in low-income nations that primarily rely on agriculture? Policymakers, environmental organizations, and others interested in sustainable agriculture and food security are among the target audiences for this material. Because it offers critical insights into deforestation’s environmental and social effects, research on how deforestation affects food security is essential for policymakers and environmental organizations. The study can help guide strategies for sustainable food production and distribution and land use and forest protection policy decisions. The fact that the targeted audiences make no mention of the potential drawbacks of employing research to guide policy decisions is one area for criticism. Although research can offer insightful information about how deforestation affects food security, policymakers may encounter difficulties putting research-based policies into practice. For example, policy decisions related to land use and forest conservation may be influenced by economic interests and political considerations, which may not align with the research findings. This study can enlighten people interested in sustainable agriculture and food security about how their dietary choices and consumption patterns affect the environment and food availability. Understanding the connections between deforestation and food security allows people to make more educated decisions about their consumption and to support programs that support sustainable agriculture and forest conservation. Deforestation and food security have been linked in numerous studies, with the impact being felt most keenly in developing nations where most of the population depends on subsistence agriculture. The necessity of sustainable land-use techniques that balance the need to maintain natural resources and economic development may be one major theme of an essay on this subject. Another key idea is supporting small-scale farmers disproportionately affected by deforestation and land use changes. I intend to perform a thorough literature analysis to investigate deforestation’s effect on food security for the forthcoming research essay. I will search academic resources like JSTOR, Google Scholar, and PubMed in addition to the material I have already identified to find pertinent peer-reviewed publications, journals, and reports. Considering that international organizations like the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the World Food Programme (WFP) frequently release studies and reports on environmental and food security-related issues, I will also look for publications and reports from these organizations. I will look for criticisms of and arguments against the existing study to find any gaps in my research. I will also look for research on successful practices and methods for mitigating the impact of deforestation on food security. In addition to academic sources, I will look for more accessible materials like news articles and magazines to get a broader perspective on the general conversation surrounding the subject. Popular sources can shed light on how the general public perceives the subject and aid in the discovery of any misunderstandings or misconceptions that should be clarified in the research essay. Understanding the precise effects of deforestation on food security in various parts of the world is one potential research needs that I intend to overcome. I will look for studies on how deforestation affects food availability in particular nations or regions and how this influence may change based on things like climate, geography, and farming methods. References Blundo-Canto, G., Cruz-Garcia, G. S., Talsma, E. F., Francesconi, W., Labarta, R., Sanchez-Choy, J., … & Quintero, M. (2020). Changes in food access by mestizo communities associated with deforestation and agrobiodiversity loss in Ucayali, Peruvian Amazon. Food Security, 12, 637-658. Cerri, C. E. P., Cerri, C. C., Maia, S. M. F., Cherubin, M. R., Feigl, B. J., & Lal, R. (2018). Reducing Amazon deforestation through agricultural intensification in the Cerrado for advancing food security and mitigating climate change. Sustainability, 10(4), 989. Erb, K. H., Lauk, C., Kastner, T., Mayer, A., Theurl, M. C., & Haberl, H. (2016). Exploring the biophysical option space for feeding the world without deforestation. Nature communications, 7(1), 11382. Gupta, G. S. (2019). Land degradation and challenges of food security. Rev. Eur. Stud., 11, 63. Meyfroidt, P. (2018). Trade-offs between environment and livelihoods: Bridging the global land use and food security discussions. Global food security, 16, 9-16. Olagunju, T. E. (2015). Impacts of human-induced deforestation, forest degradation and fragmentation on food security. New York Science Journal, 8(1), 10.

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