Full-spectrum nursing model with mr. olson

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Instructions are in the document attached


Using the client information provided, respond to the critical thinking questions. Each response should be original (in your own words) and a minimum of three sentences in length.

Client Information

Meet your client, Mr. Olson.

Mr. Olson is a 65-year-old man who has come to the clinic for a complete physical checkup. He has no health complaints, and his physical examination is negative except for a few minor changes associated with aging. During the interview, he tells you that he is gay and has had the same partner for five years. On further questioning, he reveals that he has had numerous sex partners during his lifetime. He says, “I was wondering if I should be tested for HIV,” and “Mike, that’s my partner, says I ought to get a flu shot and maybe a hepatitis shot. What do you think?”

Critical Thinking Questions

1. What principles and concepts do you need to know to help Mr. Olson today?

2. What communication skills will you need to help Mr. Olson?

3. What further data do you need about Mr. Olson’s sexual activity?

4. What is one important nursing intervention for today?

5. Self-reflection is a priority in caring for clients in nursing. How do you feel about same-sex relationships? Will your personal feelings impact your ability to care for Mr. Olson effectively? Why or why not?

6. What does the ANA Nursing Code of Ethics (2015) say about relationships to clients and the nature of client health problems?


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