Global Supply Chain

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Conduct research to find one for-profit business, i.e., Company A, that is headquartered in one country and sources products or services from a company in another country, i.e. Company B, that are used in Company’s A final products or services offered for sale. Company B represents the supply chain for Company A. (An example of this is Apple – Company A – which sources manufacturing of some of its products from Foxconn – Company B. The end-of-chapter discussion case on pp. 392-93 provide details of this example.) Describe the following from your research (350 words total for all questions):

  1. What are the names of your two companies and the countries in which each is located?
  2. Does your company have any social, ethical, or environmental issues in its supply chain (Lawrence & Weber, 2017, pp. 376-380)? If so, please briefly describe.
  3. Does your company engage in supply chain transparency (Lawrence & Weber, 2017, p. 381)? If so, please briefly describe.
  4. Does your company engage in supply chain audits (Lawrence & Weber, 2017, pp. 384-387)? If so, please briefly describe the type of audit.
  5. In your opinion, does your Company A ethically manage its supply chain? Why or why not?

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