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  1. Use the One-page response format for your Now Showing essay. Guidance for writing a One-page response can be found in Course Documents. You will integrate both questions in your response. The idea is to demonstrate an understanding of the major political theme/themes in the film and relate these to what we are studying that particular week. This is another outlet to assist students to critically review and evaluate the material in our topic of study.
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Gran Torino

Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood plays a Korean War veteran, Walt Kowalski, who recently lost his wife. Their once quiet neighborhood is slowly taken over by gangs and violence. Many on his street are immigrants from Asia known as the Hmong. This ethnic minority is originally from China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. A teenage Hmong boy tries to steal Kowalski’s 1972 prized Gran Torino. Kowalski grudgingly tries to help reform the boy. This develops into a deep friendship and unforeseen consequences. Hmong immigrants originally settled in the United States largely due to the U.S. offering political asylum to those who would have been subjected to prison or death because they helped us throughout the Vietnam War.  

General Vang Pao

General Vang Pao, a leader of the Hmong ethnic group of Laos, led the resistance against Vietnam-backed communists in Laos in the fifteen year struggle of the Vietnam War. This was part of the CIA-sponsored secret war in Laos against the communist Pathet Lao forces. The Hmong people fought beside U.S. soldiers throughout the Vietnam War.

Hmong mother and child

Hmong mother and child, hiking in the mountains of Vietnam.


  • The United States of America is known as a nation of immigrants; what responsibilities do we as a nation have towards immigrants?
  • What responsibilities have immigrants in assimilating to American culture?

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