health care operations management and quality management (HCOM and QM)

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Create a PowerPoint presentation presenting HCOM &/or QM news for Healthcare professionals. You must present HCOM &/or QM news or current events that could affect or impact healthcare. After reporting the HCOM &/or QM news, you will offer your viewpoints and thoughts about how what you reported could affect healthcare and the jobs, careers, and profession of this industry sector.

  • 1 – Choose a topic for assignment (the topic I chose is COST CONTROL)
  • 2 – Write your presentation including introduction, content knowledge, viewpoints, conclusion, reflective question, no submission required


  • Introduction of content
  • Effects on healthcare jobs, careers, the profession, and/or other HC categories
  • Discussion points
  • HCOM and/or QM lessons
  • Conclusion
  • Powerpoint is 20 slides and Graphics are always welcome


  • Please do not report on a journal article – instead report something in the news from a webpage, newspaper, TV, etc.
  • You may be creative and make ‘HCOM & QM news for Healthcare’ both educational and entertaining.

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