Healthcare Laws and Policies SLP 3

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Public Health Ethics

Using ethical theories and principles in practice, assess whether the following are ethically sound:

  1. The public health policy you proposed in the Module 2 SLP.
  2. The public health laws you selected in the Module 1 SLP.
  3. What changes would you propose so that the laws/policies adhere to ethical principles?

SLP Assignment Expectations

Length: Assignment should be from 3 to 4 pages (750 to 1000 words) in length.3 cited sources from required reading.

Required Reading

Read Chapter 7 of the following text:
Wing, K. R., & Gilbert, B. (2007). The law and the public’s health. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Ethical Theories and Principles. (2011).

Baum, N., Gollust, S., Goold, S., & Jacobson, P. (2007). Looking
ahead: Addressing ethical challenges in public health practice:1. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 35(4), 657-667.

Burris, S., Wagenaar, A. C., Swanson, J., Ibrahim, J. K., Wood, J.,
& Mello, M. M. (2010). Making the case for laws that improve health:
A framework for public health law research. The Milbank Quarterly 88(2) 169–210.

Cassatly, M. G. (2012). The four critical drivers of healthcare reform. The Journal of Medical Practice Management: MPM, 28(3), 162-3.

Clemans-Cope, L., Kenney, G. M., Buettgens, M., Carroll, C., &
Blavin, F. (2012). The Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansions will
reduce differences in uninsurance rates by race and ethnicity. Health Affairs, 31(5), 920-30.

Selgelid, M. J. (2009). A moderate pluralist approach to public health policy and ethics. Public Health Ethics, 2(2), 195-205. Available via EBSCO.

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