make a mobile friendly site i have made a home page already just update it and add another page both should be responsive

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Lesson 4 Responsive Design

We are going to continue with your site by adding pages with content. In addition we want to make sure all pages are responsive.  

Add at least 2 more pages to your site.

Responsive Design

  • use a reset stylesheet (note: this may require that you adjust existing CSS to compensate for the removed defaults)
  • create a fluid design model using responsive measurements. (exp. Percentages & ems rather than pixels)
  • include viewport meta tag
  • Media queries for at least 2 versions (exp. Desktop, mobile, various tablet sizes)

Form Page

  • At least 3 fields
  • Reset and Submit buttons

* Don’t worry about adding submit functionality.

TasksPointsAdd at least 2 pages5Apply a reset stylesheet20Fluid design model with responsive measurements20Viewport meta tag10Media queries for 2 versions (desktop and mobile)10Create a form with 3 fields, reset and submit buttons15Responsive design is applied to all pages in the site10Clean code with everything where it should be5Uploaded to your folder with the link posted in lesson 4 assignment5TOTAL100

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