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Sphere of influence: Social change

Write a detailed paragraph describing the change you would like to see in the world and what actions you took this week to work towards that change. You should be able to identify the way you influenced the behaviors and beliefs of people you do not know. It might be useful to identify a long-term series of actions that you think would create change and then to take some of the initial actions in this process. Include a description of the experiment outcomes and the social & personal sanctions you encountered/confronted/avoided. Underline or highlight how you addressed the sphere of influence.

Write a second paragraph discussing your overall reaction to doing experiments this quarter. Discuss the role your group played in your learning process. Consider whether you will continue to challenge yourself in this way once the quarter is over. Finally, discuss whether you will continue to work toward the change you identified in your 5th Experiment.

You will self-score 1/5 of this portion of the Experiment. Please score yourself out of 20 points at the bottom of your paragraph.

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