annotated bibliography 5 pages

Module 5 Assignment

Annotated Bibliography



  • An annotated bibliography that summarizes, critiques, and applies scholarly research on a topic/issue of your choice related to education leadership
  • An APA-compliant reference list of all sources

To complete:Compile an annotated bibliographythat includes a minimum of fiverecent peer-reviewed or refereed research journal articles or chapters from edited books (published within the past 3-5 years) focused on an issue/topic of your choice related to education. For example, the literature you choose to include in your annotated bibliography might address such topics/issues as understanding the relationship between social change and the goals, missions, and objectives of programs; how change can be effected to achieve the best possible learning; or acknowledging the realities that challenge leaders. For each source included on your list, prepare a critical analysis (see below). Each annotation should be about 1-page long. Remember to arrange the citations in alphabetical order.

For each annotation, provide:

  • The correct APA citation.
  • A summary of the study in each resource, including the research question(s), theoretical framework, research method, major findings, and implications. Also, include methodological details as provided by the authors(number of participants, types of participants, and any statistical results or themes depending upon the approach). State whether the details were provided or not.
  • A critical analysis assessing the merits of the resource, citing strengths and limitations, and analyzing the major thesis. Identify which pieces are missing and which are addressed in the articles. Then discuss how aligned the research question is to the existing body of knowledge, the appropriateness of the theoretical or conceptual framework to the study, the sufficiency of the methods and design, the generalizability/transferability of the results in other contexts, and any social change implications.
  • A statement explaining the relevance of the article to your profession and/or research interests. In other words, make sure you articulate a connection between the article and your own work/ideas.

For your reference list, please refer to:…

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