existing health communication campaign11

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What types of evidence-based findings or results may help to inform the development of health communication campaigns?

As a health educator, you might research existing health communication campaigns as a first step in planning for the development of new health communication campaigns. In this way, you are able to determine the health behavior theories and models that serve as the foundation for the health message in the health communication campaign. Furthermore, if the health communication campaign is effective, it may represent an incorporation of evidence-based practice approaches to promote healthy behavior. By reviewing health communication campaigns that exist, any new campaigns in development may benefit from those components and characteristics derived from evidence-based practice.

For this Discussion, search the Internet for evidence-based health communication campaigns. Select a health communication campaign and consider what characteristics of the health communication campaign may be derived from evidence-based practice.Post a description of how evidence-based practice most contributed to the effectiveness of the health communication campaign that you selected and explain why. Then, explain how your final health communication campaign integrates evidence-based practice characteristics. Be specific and provide examples.’

My choice of health communication campaign would be the prevention campaign against HIV/AIDS, through the mass media. The campaign will help people have an increase in knowledge about sex, change of sexual behaviors, improve in risk perception, as well as criticism of hypothetically risky social norms. The campaign aims to utilize television, radio, as well as other ideally means a fragment of the multi-level exertions.

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