tax research paper

The topic is listed below. The paper is to include a Title Page and a Bibliography at end of the paper.

The body of the paper is to be between 4 and 5 pages, not counting Title Page and Bibliography. Footnotes are to be included at the end of the paper. One-inch margins at top, bottom, and each side. Use an approximate 10 or 12 pitch (12 or 10 point) type and double space the paper. Make sure the pages are numbered beginning with the body of the paper as page 1.

Place examples in the paper to demonstrate points made.

Do not include long quotations from the Code, Regulations, Revenue Rulings, or court cases, or tax articles. If copies of any of the preceding are important, attach them to the end of the paper and do not count the copy as part of the 5-page requirement.

Your research should include finding other articles written on the topic and searching through the various tax reference materials. You must use at least three separate reference sources (Do not use Textbooks)

Topic for Research Paper:

The year of 2018 saw a revision of tax laws and proposed tax cuts. An important issue is whether there is a cause and effect relationship between tax cuts and short-term benefits. For instance, the Congressional Research Service conducted a study in 2012 about the effects of tax rates on economic growth. Findings indicated that certain types of tax cuts can help to create jobs in the short-run.

There is an abundance of information available on this topic. As an example, you could focus your paper specifically on whether middle-class and low-income tax cuts or cuts on wealthy individuals and businesses are more effective at sparking economic growth. Research specific instances in which tax cuts have positively affected growth and hypothesize about other tax cuts that could have similar, or even greater, impacts.

Papers will be reviewed on content and quality of writing. Accuracy and completeness will be considered.

Universities’ policy on plagiarism applies

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