social policy to address the worst economic crisis in u s history

In the New Deal era, four Supreme Court justices consistently opposed federal social legislation on the grounds that it was not an enumerated power in the Constitution; when joined by two moderate justices, they were able to overrule social legislation.

1. What are your thoughts, feelings, views about this? Do you think it is right to oppose social legislation? With this in mind or in the context of this, do you think the appointment of another conservative judge to the Supreme Court in this present era will impact legislation on Social Welfare Policy and Program? Briefly, explain your position and views from the lens of a Social Worker or a Social Advocate. Note: This is in view of the ongoing controversy in the legislature over the new nomination to the Supreme Court.

2. The Great Depression of 1929 had many characteristics as the 2008 economic recession. Comparing these two monumental eras in US history, state the effect this had on Social Welfare Reform Policies and Legislation: How did both affect Social Welfare Policy, Programs, Practice. This may require you to think outside the box, complete a review of the text reading and other external sources. Find below two links to videos you need to watch as they are also a source of information on this important subject.

3. There were important developments and controversy within the profession over a number of issues regarding Social Work in the New Deal. These included the following: To what extent should the profession engage in social action rather than just counseling?

With that stated, transfer this debatable issue to modern day context of the profession of social work. To what extent should the profession engage in social action than primarily casework? Explicate your position and views on this issue briefly but concisely. Keep in mind the current policy of cutting down funding for social welfare programs and the implementation of stringent criteria for receiving social services.

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