i want a peer review to the below post in 170 words in apa format 3

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The relationship between data, information, and knowledge:

Data is just an unprocessed information which is a collection of things or objects which has to be processed. Data can also be considered as meaningless until it is processed. Once it is processed it would become an information which is understandable and meaningful too. So information is nothing but a processed data or a collection of data. The next stage of information is Knowledge. To judge an information, knowledge will come into the picture. Hence knowledge is the result of learning and experience. As we know data, information and knowledge are not same but they can be used conversely though they are not identical. Let us take a scenario which describes the relationship between data, information, and knowledge. A person will go to the hospital for health checkup which is a data and undergo a health check-up where high cholesterol was noticed which is a meaningful conclusion, so we call this is information. The patient is having high cholesterol because of his intakes and physical activities, so the doctor decided that because of his experience and learning’s which is called knowledge. Information affects knowledge .so information is processed and analyzed.

Information deficiency problem:

Nobody can predict what information will be required in the future and so all the existing data has to be stored securely which can be useful when it is actually required. If the information is not present then all the work will be lost. The most common problems organization face is the amount of data that is being generated every second. Not all the data may be required for the organizations but managing that huge volumes of data is a big challenge to the organizations. So to maintain and monitor and process these data organization definitely need a perfect infrastructure. Also required a great amount of computer power and technology to deal with it. Since many years with the great changes in the information and technology, organizations really competing to challenge all these things, also during transition data may be bypassed, data lost, no updated data formats and fast-moving changes in the data types leads to the information deficiency problems. To overcome these problems organization should have proper management infrastructure and also advanced data formats to handle the new technical data and should have good customer satisfaction along with the flexibility in the organization to allow upcoming changes in the data which can react quickly and update the data as needed.

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